Conditions of Carrying

The following are the conditions set out for carrying and delivering:

The Directors of Tej Couriers, its servants, agents and associates are not liable in any way for the losses and damages.

If such a liability exists exceptionally, the liable amount is strictly limited to Rs. 100/- , there being no correlation between the loss or damage actually sustained and the company’s commercial utility or special value to the consignor or consignee during the period that the consignment is in its (company’s) custody . Customers are well advised to purchase insurance cover to ensure full protection of their goods in all events.

The Courier reserves the right to refuse to accept the carriage of documents/parcels at its own discretion.

The rates mentioned in the consignment note are subject to revision without prior notice and also they are exclusive of octroi, custom duty or any other tax, penalty etc. that may be applicable for the consignment. Tej Couriers will not be liable for any penalty imposed by any Government Authorities on the goods during transit.

The consignor is responsible for packing of the goods, documents and articles and Tej Couriers is not liable for loss, damage of whatsoever nature caused due to improper packing. Tej Courier will not be responsible for the loss accrued due to delay of consignments, if the causes are beyond the control of Tej Couriers e.g. break-downs, accidents, heavy rain, natural calamities etc. Consignor is responsible for correct declaration of consignment & its value.

Tej Couriers is not responsible in the event of the consignment being detained / ceased by Govt./Semi Govt./Local Authority, either assigning any reason or without assigning any reason.

Tej Couriers shall not be responsible for any sort of liability if the party has not approached for delivery / enquiry within reasonable time.

Tej Couriers reserves the right to inspect the goods/documents entrusted to them for carriage in case of reasonable doubts.

Tej Couriers reserves the right to carry the documents, goods or article by any route or mode of transport.

At the time of booking of parcels the necessary documents which are required by en-route check posts and by any other Govt. Authorities should be produced. Due to non-compliance of the same/defective documents, if any losses accrue either to the customer or to Tej Couriers, the consignor/consignee shall be exclusively liable for the same.