Every individual has an Entrepreneur in him.

To nurture and develop their skills as well as to help us grow our business, we have created a franchisee network in our system. The franchisee’s convenience has been given due consideration as we have also included a commission based and a consignment based system.

Franchisees are closely monitored to see that they meet our service requirements.

Tej Couriers has in its fold individual as well as sub- branch Agents. A courier business is a highly specialized service business carried on with utmost urgency and containing urgent and critical documents and parcels.

We have an in house training cell where we constantly review agency performance through reviews. Agents are constantly monitored and corrective measures taken as and where required. The agents have been equipped with our software for booking and deliveries.

Any agent who performs outstandingly is rewarded suitably. It is a matter of pride for us that we are able to provide adequate benefit and returns, and see to it that business becomes sustainable for the franchisees.